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Throughout my training, I have found the diseases of pancreas very festinating and at the same time challenging to diagnose and manage. My fascination with pancreas started even before entering medical school. One of my hobbies growing up was to read about alternative medicine in particular traditional Indian medicine. I remember I was mesmerized by the concept of the energy centers in the body or charkas as described in ancient Indian literature. Among the seven primary chakras I found the Manipura or Solar Plexus Chakra the most interesting. This is the chakra corresponding to the pancreas and is the only energy center in the body that spins in a counter-clockwise motion. Manipura has described to help to maintain the physical nature in balance with spiritual nature. 

After I started to learn the traditional medicine, my interest with pancreas became stronger. During medical school, I was fascinated by the important role that pancreas plays in human homeostasis. I also learned to respect the pancreas after I witnessed the degree of immense physical disturbances that can happen due to pancreas dysregulations. My fascination with pancreas grows to the degree that I decided to pursue a career in gastroenterology with the goal of ultimately becoming a pancreatologist. 

I would like to be able to make accurate diagnosis of pancreatic disease regardless of their nature. I would like to expand my knowledge in this filed to be able to be a competent medical partner for my patients. I am a firm believer that an expert pancreatologist needs to have proper training in advanced endoscopic procedures. I believe that further training beyond the traditional three-year gastroenterology fellowship is essential to master the cognitive and procedural aspects of this filed and that is way I have dedicate the last two years of training for such training. 

My ultimate professional goal is to start a Center for Excellence in Pancreatic Diseases with multidisciplinary “Pancreas Clinic”. I would like to be able to provide care to patients with complex pancreatobiliary disease. At the same time, I would like to be able to continue my research in pancreatology and GI-Endoscopy.