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About me

I am a board-certified gastroenterologist from the American Board of Gastroenterology with additional formal training in advanced endoscopy. I started my practice in 2012 after joining the Borland Groover clinic in Jacksonville, Florida. Currently, I am a member of the Advanced Therapeutic Endoscopy team and the program director for the Advanced Endoscopy Fellowship at the Borland Groover Clinic.

I provide care to patients with general gastroenterology disorders and mainly provide diagnostic or therapeutic endoscopic interventions for patients who are referred to me. I currently serve as a member of the St. Vincent's Hospital Cancer Committee in addition to be an affiliate with the MD Anderson Cancer Network.

My professional interests involve therapeutic minimally invasive endoscopic procedures such as endoscopic treatment of precancerous and early cancers of GI tract and endoscopic anti-reflux GERD treatments. I mainly perform these procedures at the St. Vincent Hospital and the Baptist Medical Center in Jacksonville, Florida.

Personally, I enjoy spending time with my wife and two daughters. We like hiking and exploring the beautiful landscapes of Florida and its unique state parks. Spending time and relaxing at the beautiful beaches here was one of the main attractions for me and my family to move to Florida and we continue to enjoy it.

Thanks to my partnership with St. Vincent Hospital and St. Vincent's Family Medicine Residency Program, I am able to see patients without a commercial health plan and offer them endoscopic procedures free of charge. Caring for people in need is my passions. I am thrilled that through this partnership I am able to give back to my community and provide care to people most in need of help.